Keepin' it REAL!

Keepin' it REAL!


"This durable lunchbox is way too much fun to fill. If I'm honest though, I felt so intimidated building the first meal in it. I've seen beautiful boxes all over insta that are beyond my abilities!! Nothing that I make will ever look like a unicorn. So, I reminded myself to just keep it simple, balanced, enjoyable and real. That's how I want their lives to be; not just their lunchboxes!

SIMPLE: chopped veg, storebought AMAZING hummus from @naturesfaremarkets, some muffins from the freezer, fruit, and nuts

BALANCED: protein, fats, carbs- all represented!

ENJOYABLE: I know what my littles love and I made sure to include lots of those things. Strategically included sweet corn, and paired grapes with tomatoes, to keep the veggies sweet! And muffins are their love language. So... REAL: the only ingredients are foods themselves. No sugars, artificial colours, or flavours. And guess what? They loved it. Unicorns not necessary!"

Pic cred: @cleanlittleplates