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Stay Cool the Eco Way

Stay Cool the Eco Way

Have you thought about how much energy we are consuming while we beat the heat?  Here are 5 eco-friendly ways to stay cool this summer:

1. Lighten up  

Try wearing loose fitting clothing to allow for breathability rather than trapping heat close to your body. Dark colors will absorb heat- so think light! 

2. Hydrate

Drink tap or filtered water in a reusable water container instead of running to the store to buy water contained in plastic.

3. Cool your pulse points

The neck, wrists, the tops of the feet, inner ankles, inner thighs and the temple on the head, are all pressure points. When cooled, these areas relay that sensation throughout the entire body. Using moistened handkerchiefs, scarves, and ice cubes on these small areas can bring down the body’s temperature. 

4. Create better airflow 

Open many windows in your house so that you are assisting air flow as much as possible. Fans use less energy than air conditioners do.  If you have a fan, try placing it directly into a window opening to help circulate cooler air. A whole house fan exchanges hot, stuffy indoor air with cooler outside air throughout the entire home. Remember to close all open windows and curtains before heading off to work. Then close bedroom doors to keep the cool air trapped inside (especially if the rooms have vaulted ceilings).

5. Cool Showers

Showers have a smaller eco-footprint than do baths. Cold water uses less energy than hot water.  Take a cool shower and be sure to hit all the pulse points mentioned above. Also try using aloe vera lotions to prolong that cooling affect! 



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