Workday Rescue

Workday Rescue

@joseeksabs had this to say about her PlanetBox:

"It's been around 25 years since I've owned a lunchbox but what I have had a lot of in that time is squished fruit and crumbs at the bottom of my bag. 
Decided this PlanetBox lunchbox would be perfect for workdays and for all my after school running around with the kids. Took this to my son's soccer training this afternoon and had some healthy snacks with little miss while sitting in the car. I love that I can keep everything separate without the need for plastic bags or glad wrap. 🙌🏽
My snacks consisted of pumpkin seeds, hummus, multi grain brown rice crackers, baby cucumbers, dried peaches, fresh raspberries, leftover rice with artichokes and broad beans from last nights' dinner and some passionfruit and chia pieces. I found in the dried fruit and nuts section of my supermarket and am giving a thumbs up to!"