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Non- Sandwich Lunches, Part 4: Pasta Salads

Pasta!  Ranging in all shapes and sizes pasta is an easy go-to and a magical way to use up all those random ingredients in your kitchen. Don’t forget about cous cous, barley, orzo, and quinoa too! IMost of the time a little oil (olive, coconut, seasame) & acid (lemon, lime, red wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, rice vinegar) & a dash of salt is all you need for a little dressing. Try pureeing some avocado with lemon and salt to make a natural, creamy dressing! Mix in some freshly chopped garlic and herbs and VOILA!

Here are some combinations that work well together:

Bacon + tomato + avocado + Ranch dressing  

Salami + olives + cheese cubes + olive oil dressing

Broccoli  + string beans + almonds

Black beans + corn + grape tomato + avocado + lime olive oil dressing

Cucumber + chickpeas + olives + feta

Mango + red cabbage + avocado + peanuts + sesame dressing

Tuna  + peas + carrots + Ranch dressing

Shredded buffalo chicken + celery + carrots + blue cheese

Croutons + grape tomatoes + lettuce + caesar dressing

Arugula + sweet potato + goat cheese + nuts

Apple + walnut + celery

Ham + pineapple + shredded carrot

Chopped spinach + artichoke hearts + scallion + chicken

Shredded cabbage + shredded carrots + sliced peppers + nuts + citrus dressing

Pepperoni + olives + peppers + parmesan

Sun dried tomatoes + roasted asparagus + parmesan

Watermelon + feta

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