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Top 9 Allergy Free Recipes

Tips from the Allergy Chef herself!
Top 9 Allergy Free Recipes

It’s Food Allergy Awareness Week and I’m here to help you celebrate with five amazing free-from recipes. Millions of people across the globe manage food allergies, food intolerance, and other dietary restrictions day in and day out, and honestly, sometimes it’s exhausting.

Lunch can be a tall order because taking foods on the go isn’t always easy. That’s what I love about Planet Box lunchboxes! With so many leak proof options, taking a variety of food on the go is a possibility. Add an ice pack, and even your perishable foods become travel-ready.

If you’re struggling with snacks, here are a few thoughts:

Fresh fruits and veggies make wonderful snacks. Add a fat-containing dip to keep kids fuller, longer. Also, produce cut into the shape of a star tastes AMAZING.
Keep safe-for-you basics on hand such as crackers. These days, there are a LOT of free-from brands to choose from. Crackers and popped sorghum are two of my favourite “I have no idea what snack to pack today” snacks.

Batch cook muffins and cookies and keep them in the freezer. Our freezer is packed with these staples along with waffles, pancakes, and pre-portioned chili. Grab them whenever you need them.

If you’re new to food allergies and struggling to find safe brands, here are some of my top picks. The brands either use exclusive equipment or are produced in a dedicated top 8 allergy free facility.

• 88 Acres
• Free Yumm Foods • Partake Foods
• Spudsy
• Zego Foods

Between these five, you’ll have granola bars, dips, cookies, fruit and protein bars, cookies, puffed snacks, and more.
Now, let’s talk recipes! Today I’m sharing six awesome recipes that go into five delicious lunchboxes. If that’s not enough, several are freezer friendly which I’ve indicated with (f):

• Vegan Bean Chili (f)
• Vegan Potato Salad
• Beef & Bean Dip
• Chicken & Pepper Meatballs (f) • Maple Waffles (f)
• Roasted Root Veg Vegan Fried Rice

Have fun making these lunches and be sure to double batch when you can so future you can feel like they won the jackpot.

All Gluten Free , Top 8 Allergy Free, Sesame Free, Download them here!

(Top 8: Wheat, Milk, Egg, Soy, Peanut, Tree Nut including Coconut, Fish, Shellfish)

Submitted by Kathlena, The Allergy Chef

Find more at RAISE, Instagram, or on Youtube

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