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Vegetarian Meal Plans For Kids

A week's worth of vegetarian meal plans for back-to-school!
Vegetarian Meal Plan for Kids

Everyone can benefit from a lunchbox full of nutrients, so we shopped the aisles and skipped over the meat department to fill our lunchboxes with fresh produce & energizing grains. These lunches engage the senses from vitamin A to Z. It’s so colorful, too! 

When going vegetarian, remember:

  • Do your research and seek out nutrients naturally in plant sources
  • Eggs, dairy, and whole grains offer plenty of protein 
  • Legumes are just as substantial as meat 
  • Incorporate iron-rich foods (broccoli, leafy greens)  into your meals 
  • Include vitamin C with every meal to facilitate iron absorption 
  • Be careful not to indulge in sugary, saturated foods to compensate for calories

Download the Vegetarian Meal Plan here.

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