Meal Ideas

Picky Eaters Meal Plan

A week's worth of lunch ideas for the pickiest eaters
Picky Eaters Meal Plan

For the choosy eater, mealtime is like navigating a minefield. “This tastes funny” and “I don’t like it” are phrases we’ve all heard. Your kids might not want to go back to school, but these meals will definitely make the school day just a little bit more delicious! 

Top tips for enticing picky palettes:

  • Let your kids choose the cream of the crop in the produce section 
  • Make food prep a fun family activity
  • Offer choices between 2-3 items you would like your kids to consume 
  • Combine a disliked food with a favorite
  • Lead by example, your kids will be curious about what you’re eating

Download the Picky Eater meal plan here. 



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