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Pack More in Your PlanetBox

Pack More in Your PlanetBox

Dealing with staining and odors in food containers may seem like an inevitable challenge, but  but when you choose one made from durable materials, keeping your containers looking and smelling pristine is easy.

Different from plastic, stainless steel is non-porous, meaning it repels staining. Plastic allows odors and stains to settle in, making it harder to clean. If the plastic lunch box is made with low-quality materials or if it is not properly cleaned, smells can become more intense and potentially harbor bacteria. 

Which then leads you to cleaning, or worse, throwing the container away!  A search on the internet will lead you to various methods for cleaning and sterilizing plastic containers, which can include harsh cleaners and time consuming soaks. But who really needs the extra work? 

PlanetBox requires one simple step- just pop it in the dishwasher! It’ll come out squeaky clean, without stains or smells. You don’t even have to wash them right away! Let it sit for days and it’ll still clean up just as fresh. 


Foods & Stainless Steel

Tomato is notoriously known for staining plastic containers, but strong-smelling spices, dressings, stews, pickles, onions, and garlic can also leave behind stubborn stains and odors. Cheese is also known for sticking to plastic, hardening, and being problematic to clean. 

Unlike those other containers, here’s a list of kid-friendly foods you can pack in a PlanetBox Rover, Launch, Shuttle,  Trailblazer or, for hot options, the Explorer and Hot/Cold Food Container - all without the hassle of extra cleanup:

• Breadsticks with marinara for dipping 

• Tater tots with ketchup for dipping

• Chicken nuggets with ketchup for dipping

• Empanadas with marinara or salsa for dipping

• Chips & salsa 

• Meatballs with red sauce

• Pizza slices/pockets/waffles

• Spaghetti, macaroni, lasagna, and pastas in tomato sauce

• Sloppy Joe sandwiches or pockets 

• Chili 

• Quesadillas

• Mac & Cheese 

• Casseroles made with tomato bases

• Chicken parmesan 

• Roasted carrots

• Curried stews

• Beets and beet salads/slaws

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