Fun Yum!

Fun Yum!


"I notice when my boys are just eating bread and cheese, they are constantly hungry! I'm trying to fill them up on more protein & nutrient dense foods! But easier said than done right? Some kids are just picky!!! It's so hard for me to get them to eat fruits and vegetables so I learn every trick and tip I can get!

Biggest tip: MAKE FOOD FUN!

My boys think their PlanetBox is so cool and they love the variety of snacks I can put in there for them. If they help me choose where the foods go it makes them more excited to actually try it and eat it!

Here are some of my families favorite healthy snacks we like to take with us on the go:

+ Chocolate filled raspberries

+ Chicken wrapped string cheese

+ Veggie sticks/chips and dip

+ Peanut butter & Honey wrapped tortilla"


Pic cred: @mommytrainer