What Jen's Kid Eats!

What Jen's Kid Eats!

Our friend @whatmykideats had this to say about PlanetBox:

"At first glance, I worried that the sections would not be deep enough to hold foods we typically pack, but was pleased to find that the sections on the lid make the compartments more spacious (bigger on the inside 😉) than they appear.

  • The dipper containers are a great addition to the set and I can see using the larger one for yogurt or messier foods.
  • The lunchbox is super sturdy and durable. Definitely well made. The clasp which holds the box shut was tight but not difficult for my 3 year old to open. I've read that the stainless steel can scratch or dent after extended use but I think it would take a lot to dent this strong product.
  • Easy to clean. No crevices for food to hide (none that I've found yet, anyway!) Dishwasher safe!
  • While the lunchbox is a bit bigger than a typical lunchbox, it's not too bulky and is more flat so I think it would fit well in a backpack, it fit well in my bag.
  • While the price of these lunchboxes can be a turn off for some, I think this is a great long term investment if you're looking for a good quality lunchbox, made with safe materials that will last for years."