A Little Bit of This.........

A Little Bit of This.........

Melanie from @cleanlittleplates tells us:

"Make lunch-packing less daunting for you, and more fun for them... invest in a PlanetBox. Making lunch has to be easy, or us mamas will get tired of making it, and, it has to be appealing, or our littles will get tired of eating it.

This ROVER box is my fave. No, it doesn't fill itself, but it's SO flipping cute that no matter what you choose to fill it with, it will feel more fun, appealing, and exciting for kids (and adults too, just saying 😉)!

It's fun to pack too! You won't need to rack your brain thinking of a big epic lunch... just throw a few real, unprocessed foods into each compartment and BOOM, done 💥. Lunches come together quite simply, with a little bit of this and that!

I always include:

  1. Something crunchy (crackers, snap peas)
  2. Something sweet
  3. Something from each category of the three macronutrients (fat, carbs, protein), to ensure that it's a balanced meal.

Nothing complicated! We have to make lunches for the next 50 days of the school year... let's do it in a manner that we can sustain! Yes, I am releasing you from the pressure of learning how to make a unicorn shaped sandwich."