For Businesses

Selling, Using, and Giving PlanetBox

Are you a business with a commitment to sustainability, respect for your workers, and a drive to offer top-quality service to your customers? If so, we'd love to work with you. Here are some ways we currently work with amazing companies like yours.

If you are a retail business interested in selling PlanetBox:

Please send us an email at info@planetbox.com with information about your store and your contact information.

Tsaina Lodge, Alaska
Lumberjack Feud, Tennessee

For organizations/businesses interested in using PlanetBox:

If you provide meal service to your clients or workers, PlanetBox is the smart environmentally-friendly choice for offering an attractive, high-quality food presentation to all ages. It's also highly durable and dishwasher safe.  Some current types of businesses that serve meals in a PlanetBox include:

  • A hotel chain that serves kids room service meals in PlanetBox Rover
  • A dinner theater show that serves large, hot meals in PlanetBox Launch to hundreds of guests a day
  • A boutique hotel that serves "take out" lunches in PlanetBox Launch
  • A health conscious meal delivery service that delivers meals in PlanetBox Rover, and then takes back and reuses the empty containers

Got Good Food? Joint Promotion Opportunities:

We love to work with food companies who offer healthy, delicious food and share a passion for quality and sustainability.  We can feature your foods beautifully packed in a PlanetBox and promote to our loyal customers, and you can provide your customers with a new way to pack and enjoy your products.  Some awesome companies we have partnered with include Barbara's Bakery, Boulder Canyon, Nancy's Yogurt, and Organic Valley, to name a few.

Corporate Giving with PlanetBox:

PlanetBox makes a truly unique gift! Rewarding your employees and clients with a useful, environmentally-friendly corporate gift will further demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and style.  Some companies we have worked with in the past include Adobe, Nespresso, and Organic Valley.

Brand your Boxes!

PlanetBox magnets can be customized with your logo to reinforce your brand and put your stamp on a high quality, environmentally friendly choice.

Contact us at info@planetbox.com to learn more.  We have special discounted rates for bulk orders depending on the amount you are looking to purchase. We look forward to working with you.