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Wicked Good Fun at Home

Tips for keeping Halloween sweet, spooky, and safe
Wicked Good Fun at Home

Despite this year’s setbacks, Halloween celebrations are still possible. With just a little creativity and the company of your close family and friends you can make this the best one yet! 


First things first. Tonight’s the night to treat yourself, so go on and order takeout from your favorite place.  Top it off with some delicious interactive desserts:


Monster Rice Krispie Treats - Dip them into colored frosting, and decorate with sprinkles and edible googly eyes

Blackout Candy Apples - Add black food coloring to your candy mixture for a creepy confection

Mystical Jello - Instead of using water, use tonic water to make your jello- if you eat it under a blacklight, it will glow! Add gummy worms- or any other creepy gummies you can find for extra eeriness

Boo-nana Pops - Cut bananas in half lengthwise and then in half. Skewer the quarters onto popsicle sticks and freeze on wax paper. Once frozen, dip them into melted white chocolate and add mini chocolate chips for eyes

The Great Pumpkin Mix - Toss corn cereal, pretzels, nuts, and marshmallows in melted butter, brown sugar, and pumpkin spice seasoning 


Countdown Calendar

If you’re not going door to door this year, this guarantees your kids some treats. Fill some festive baggies with snacks and jokes and open one a day. Try it for a whole week before Halloween! 


1. What is a monster’s favorite dessert?

I scream!


2. What are a ghost’s favorite rides at the fair?

The scary-go-round and rollerghoster!


3. What do witches put in their hair?

Scare spray!


4. Why didn’t the skeleton cross the road?

He had no guts!


5. What kind of mistakes do ghosts make?

Boo boos!


6. How do you keep a skeleton from laughing?

Take away his funny bone!


7. How do you repair a jack-o-lantern?

With a pumpkin patch!


Set the Scene

We usually decorate the outside of our house, but this year let’s not forget the inside! Jack-o-lanterns, spider webs, and glow in the dark props make things just a little more magical. 


Less Tricks, More Treats

Ever go trick or treating to come home with a bag of candy you don’t even like? Fill up a halloween piñata with all your family favorites and everyone is happy!


Wrap a Mummy

Pair up and wrap your partner in an entire roll of toilet paper. The first pair finished, wins!


Halloween Charades

Write down the names of different Halloween characters (ghost, vampire, witch, etc) in a bag. Each person chooses from the bag and acts out the character. 


Costume Outlines

Using a large roll of paper, outline the members of your family. Using paint and other crafting supplies, create a costume for each outline. 


Virtual Parties

Halloween is a great time to show off your creativity, but don’t let staying home discourage you! Choose a time to meet up with your friends and family virtually. Dress up and have a costume contest or carve pumpkins and let your audience choose their favorite. 


Scavenger Hunt

Without going too far from home, you can set a list of spooky finds and seek them out in your neighborhood.  Use a point system to keep tally-  here’s an example:


1 Point: Ghost, Bat, Witch


2 Points: Spiderweb, Skeleton, Scarecrow


3 Points: White pumpkin, Broomstick, Jack-o-lantern


4 Points: Black Cat, Scary Clown, Cauldron


5 Points: Vampire, Mummy, Frankenstein



Or, do a hunt at home! Write a list of clues using catchy phrases that lead to treats around your house. For example, “Halloween is full of treats, go to where you bake some sweets” to direct your kids to the kitchen. The prizes don’t have to all be candy and sweets- include trinkets, toys, and gift vouchers they can “cash out” later to stay up late, watch a movie, go to their favorite restaurant, etc. 


Take to the Skies

A blue moon (when two full moons occur within a month) is rare, but it’s even more uncommon to fall on Halloween. Take advantage of the extra spookiness and use this as a time to learn some astrology. While you’re outside in your front yard, you can still do a little showing off of your costume too! 


Stay up Late

This Halloween also coincides with daylight savings time, which means we’ll have an extra hour of fun! 



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