How to Pack a PlanetBox

How to Pack a PlanetBox

Lunch can seem pretty monotonous day after day. But we’ve come a long way since the typical sandwich in a brown bag. It’s not just about sandwiches and it’s not limited to just school time. To help you  think outside the box, here’s 40 ways to make the most out of your PlanetBox system:  


You can pack more than just sandwiches in a Rover, Launch, or Shuttle

  1. Combine a variety of meats, cheeses, and fruits to create a charcuterie.

  2. Create a dipping experience by filling each section with veggies along with a variety of Dippers filled with hummus, ranch, cheese dips, and guacamole.

  3. Make roll-ups using your favorite cold cut combination.

  4. Eggs! They’re super versatile and filled with protein.Turn them into bites and they’ll fit perfectly into any compartments of a PlanetBox.

  5. Things taste more fun when they’re on a stick! You can cut skewers to fit any compartment and your options are limitless- from meats, cheeses, fruits, veggies, and more. 

  6. Use the Baking Tray Set to bake a batch of your favorite muffins or mini loaves that fit perfectly into each lunchbox.

  7. Turn anything into a ball! From meat, to rice, to oats, you can change up the lunch routine. 

Use the Explorer to make it a bowl or salad 

  1. Add  greens or grains as your base and add your favorite protein in the top tray for reheating.

  2.  Make a Buddha Bowl using a variety of your favorite grains and veggies, keeping the crunchy toppers like nuts, seeds, or croutons crisp in the top tray.

  3. Sprinkle lemon or lime on avocado or guacamole on the top tray to keep it from going mushy in your base of greens.

  4. Since the container is leakproof, you can nix the tray altogether and store larger portions of already dressed pasta salads, marinated vegetables, or fruit salads.

“Build Your Own” Rover or Launch

  1. Tacos: Fill up the compartments of the Rover with taco shells, protein, lettuce, cheese and some salsa in a Dipper.

  2. Waffles: Include berries and banana slices along with yogurt or whipped cream and maple syrup in Dippers.

  3. Flatbread: Include a protein like chicken, meatballs, sausage, or pepperoni, shredded cheese, mushrooms, peppers, olives, with tomato or pesto sauce in a Dipper.

  4. Baked Potatoes: Use a combination of Dippers and Pods to add a variety of toppings such as ground meat, shredded chicken, sautéed peppers, steamed broccoli, cheese, sour cream, and guacamole.

Create a combo meal

  1. Broth & Noodles: Use the Insulated Hot or Cold Food Container to hold broth & noodles along with all your soup fixin’s in the Explorer.

  2. Breakfast on-the-go: Pack dry cereal in a Dipper & keep your milk cool in the Insulated Hot or Cold Food Container or Water Bottle.

  3. Soup & Sandwich: Keep your soup warm in the insulated Mercury along with sandwiches in Dippers or Snack Packs.

  4. Soup & Salad: Carry our soup in the Insulated Hot or Cold Food Container & our salad in the Explorer.

  5. Burger & Fries: Store your patty & fries on the top tray of the Explorer to be reheated &  the bun and fixin’s in the bottom half. 

  6. Sandwich & Dip: Pack your sandwich in a Snack Pack & dips and dipping snacks in the double-sided Trailhead.

  7. Lunch & Snacks: Pack a larger meal in a Rover, Launch, or Explorer for lunch & after school snacks in a Shuttle, Dippers, or Trailhead.

And don’t forget to pack your utensils along with it! 


Outdoors & Travel

  1. Fill a Shuttle or Trailhead with fruit, nuts, and energy balls for hiking.

  2. Pack overnight oats in an Insulated Hot or Cold Food Container for camping trip breakfasts.

  3. Rover Tray is stackable and sturdy enough for campsite meals and easy to wipe clean, with no extra campsite garbage to clean. 

  4. Most sporting stadiums allow you to bring your own food! Save money by packing up your own sandwiches, subs, chips, and snacks all in one convenient place.

  5. Head to the beach with sandwiches and chips in your Snack Packs and some juicy fruit packed into the leakproof Explorer.

  6. Skip the less-than-healthy convenience store snacks by personalizing a box for each member of your family on road trips.

  7. PlanetBox is TSA approved so you can pack ahead and save money at the airport.

  8. Long days running errands require fuel! Use Dippers to keep nuts, dried fruit, energy balls, or crackers in your bag, car, or backpack. 

Warm Up or Cool Down with a Water Bottle or an Insulated Container

  1. Enjoy warm oatmeal. 

  2. Chili makes a filling meal in one simple insulated container.

  3. Keep your parfait or smoothie bowl on-the-go cool in the Insulated Hot or Cold Food Container.

  4. “Water” bottles aren’t just for water! Use them for lemonade on warm days and hot chocolate on chilly days.

Snack Packs & Trailhead for a Quick Bite

  1. Individual tacos fit perfectly in Snack Pack.

  2. Keep your hummus and dips separate from veggie sticks and crackers in the Trailhead.

  3. Bring your own popcorn or chips to the movies.

Keep the Routine at Home

  1. Rover Tray keeps kids interested in options at breakfast or dinner time.

  2. Use Rover Tray to serve a variety of snacks for a playdate.

  3. Fill an ergonomic Stainless Steel Cup with juice or milk for little ones at home.

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