Wrap it, don't wreck it

Wrap it, don't wreck it

We can all agree that we size things up with our eyes first. A beautifully wrapped gift is definitely one of them. Watching your recipient ripping that paper off with eager anticipation of what's inside is super exciting. But where is all that paper going after it's been ripped off? Here are some alternatives to using traditional wrapping paper and bows. You might even save some money and get extra compliments for your creativity! 

These 10 ideas all look just as beautiful as traditional wrapping paper and add a nice personal touch.  Look around and get creative!     

  1. Wrap gifts reusable fabric or scraps
  2. Wrap your gifts in another gift- scarves, towels, blankets, tablecloths, etc.
  3. Use egg cartons or cereal boxes for a gift box
  4. Re-use old aluminum foil for a shiny look!
  5. Use newspaper and paint your own designs on top
  6. Use seed paper as gift tags. 2 gifts in one! 
  7. Use leftover wallpaper to wrap an old shoe box
  8. Use your children's paintings and drawings to wrap gifts for beloved family members
  9. Make ornamental bows out of aluminum foil, colorful comics, or sheet music
  10. Search outside for pretty ways to spruce up your package instead of the plastic bows. Leaves, branches, flowers, herbs.....