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Playful Packing

No special skills needed!
Playful Packing

We know making lunches day in and day out can get boring and repetitive, but with some simple tips and tricks, lunch-making becomes less of a dreaded task and more of a fun activity to share with your kids. 

We'll show you how to incorporate colors, shapes, and accessories to transform simple ingredients into irresistible lunches for your kids. Just stick to these basics all year long and you'll never find yourself in lunch rut! 


 1. Add a smile.

 Nothing is more inviting than a smiley face, so why not add a friendly face to your food? Give your lunch a punch of personality with googly eyes and with a little help from your imagination, you can create silly monsters and characters. Use any inedible parts as a canvas for drawing silly faces! 





2. Include a note. 

Remind your kids how much they are loved, provide them with words of encouragement, or include fun facts! This form of positive reinforcement promotes self-esteem, resilience, and improved school performance. 



3. Make it colorful. 

 We eat with our eyes first, so a bright spread is sure to get an appetite going. Feed curiosity by adding new foods into the mix. Add food coloring to hummus, spreads, and cream cheese to make fun colored sandwiches and dips. 




4. Eat with your hands!

Fill your lunchbox up with fun finger foods. Use skewers and toothpicks to piece together different elements. Your kids can pick and choose their favorites, while still being exposed to a variety of different foods. 



5. Pick a theme.

There’s cookie cutters for virtually any hobby and interest. Pick your child’s favorite and cut out shapes from sandwiches, fruits, veggies, and cheese. Use snack foods to represent different parts of the scenery.



6. Personalize it.

The guaranteed way to really own your lunch- and what’s in it- is by adding names and initials. Your little will feel extra special that this lunch was made just for them! If your child is studying vocabulary words, this is a good way to help commit them to memory! 




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