Heart Healthy Gummies


These simple 3-ingredient gummies are free of added sugars and artificial dyes and use vegan friendly agar in place of gelatin.  Agar is jelly-like substance obtained from algae that is both odorless and tasteless. Agar creates gelatinous texture when boiled in liquid.

Makes:  approximately 2 dozen gummies


 What you'll need: 

1 cup juice

OR, for a creamier version, use ½ cup juice + ½ cup almond, coconut, or macadamia milk

3 Tbsp agar flakes *

1 Tbsp agave



1. Whisk together over low  heat

2. Heat until flakes are dissolved, 8-10 minutes

3. Spoon into molds and cool for about an hour until they set.

4. Keep refrigerated for up to a week in an airtight container 


 *Find agar flakes at your local health market