Deconstructed Plant-Power Sushi


The school year is flying by, and yet packing lunches every day is feeling like an endless task. I'm here to make your day, with a fun and healthy lunchbox idea to carry into the week with you! It takes no time to throw together, it's full of things that kids love, and it's pure goodness for their growing bodies and minds! And did I mention that it's easy?! That's always the most intriguing aspect of every healthy meal idea that I see, you feel me? 

All that you need:

Cold (cooked) rice
Cold(cooked) edamame beans 
Thinly sliced carrot
Thinly sliced cucumber 
Low sodium tamari
Hemp hearts - optional, for an extra punch of good fats and plant protein
Dried salty seaweed snacks 

All that you do:

1. Combine the cold rice and the edamame beans in Big Dipper
2. Fill the remaining compartments as pictured above 

Boom! The Planetbox, which I prefer to call the PLANTBOX, is good to go for tomorrow!

This recipe was developed by fellow mommy, Melanie Folstad.  Follow Melanie for more kid-friendly, whole food recipes on Instagram at @cleanlittleplates