A Perfect Score!

A Perfect Score!

Kelly Moore Clark shares her sentiments about PlanetBox:


"To begin, I only review products I genuinely like. If I don't love a product, I'm not going to waste your time or mine!


Why I love these metal lunch boxes!!!

  • They are pretty. That may not matter to the kids, but it matters to me!
  • All. Those. Compartments. There are so many nooks and crannies to fit food into! This box even comes with 2 little metal bowls(with rubber tops), so you can have a place for liquids too! My kids love to have a little ranch to dip their veggies in, so this is perfect
  • It REALLY makes my kids eat healthier. I'm not just making this up. If I dumped all of this onto a big plate, or mixed it all up, they just don't eat it as well. I think there is something to be said for presentation....by separating all those beautifully colored foods into this beautiful metal lunchbox, it gets them excited about lunch!
  • The little bowls are magnetic. Brilliant. The little bowls that came with the lunchbox are magnetic on the bottom, so they don't slip and slide all over the place during the day
  • EASY TO CLEAN. I love that the little food compartments have rounded corners. I've had other brands of metal boxes that didn't have this, and it's a pain to clean them. PlanetBox for the win
  • The top is attached to the bottom on a hinge. This makes it easy to keep up with. I loose things easily, so I love this feature
  • The top isn't flat. It's raised so that you can fill the compartments really full if you want. Because No one wants squished
  • Metal swing closure. I love that there is a closure. I've had other brands that didn't, and there were accidents in backpacks....ew
  • I should note that this lunchbox came with a handy dandy little padded carrier that had pockets and everything. My dog checked the mail before I'd did. He ate it. Not kidding

Overall, I give this lunchbox a 10. I've had others....lots of others. Some were good, some were not. PlanetBox has really put thought into the function, and I love that. Oh, and I now I can feel better about myself for not using lots of little plastic baggies."