Makes my mornings easier  

“Like most moms, making lunches becomes a dreaded task, but I actually enjoy filling up the compartments and I know when they are all full their lunch is complete! And I can see how much they have and make sure they have their fruits/veggies too. Having a PlanetBox makes MY morning much easier!”

Stylish, extremely practical 

“We had a competitor version last year that just doesn’t even come close to your boxes – and I confess I bought them because they were less expensive – but in the end, they cost us much more. The competitor’s broke, leaked, and we ended up throwing them out as soon as school was over – with a hearty ‘good riddance.’ Your boxes, on the other hand, are not only proving to be quite stylish, but extremely practical. The kids have a variety of foods in their lunches, the lunches do not leak, my 5th grade son and 8th grade daughter both think their styles are “cool” (how many products can boast that!) – and cleaning them is extremely easy.  So – kudos to you and your design – and I love the new utensil set and cool pack items – and places to put them – perfect updates! ”

Made me more creative and thoughtful 

“Packing a kid’s lunch is so much easier with your lunchbox. THANK YOU! Before I got a PlanetBox, I over packed, under packed, it was madness! Now I fill each compartment and ta-da! I love the inspirations you post (via pictures). It’s made me more creative and thoughtful when packing lunch, too. ”

My kids find it exciting, like a puzzle 

“We are really loving your PlanetBoxes!!  The best part about them, from a mom’s perspective, is that my kids find it exciting, like a puzzle, to fill up all the compartments, so they do it themselves!  I simply put out a couple things from every food group and let them choose.  They’re only 4 and 6 years old, and because of the perfect compartments, they are learning about food groups.  For example, sometimes my 6-year old daughter will look at her PlanetBox and say something like, “I’ve already packed a fruit and a protein.  Now I need a carb and a vegetable!”  I love it!!!  I didn’t learn this stuff until I went to college!  Thank you for developing such a wonderful, waste-free, nutrition-minded product.  The world is a better place because of you!  You’re making moms’ jobs easier. Thank you. : )”

“I lost twenty pounds and am now living a healthier and happier life 

“My name is Daisy and I am sixteen years old. I’ve always loved playing sports, but because of my genetics I’ve always been on the heavy side. My genetics have put me on a high risk of getting diabetes and high cholesterol.  One of my mother’s main concerns was my healthy eating habits, so she and I started this plan to make my lunches for school. We struggled to work out an efficient system, but there was just so much mess involved with the plastic containers we used for lunches. The food would leave the plastic smelling like mold and it wasn’t very durable. One day, my mom found PlanetBox online and read all about it. I loved it from the first time I used it. I really like the magnets because it allows me to personalize my lunch box. Also, the neat little compartments allow me to eat good portions of each food group. The convenience of the PlanetBox enabled me and my mom to continue our routine. After four months I took a lab test and my doctor congratulated me on lowering my sugar and cholesterol levels. I lost twenty pounds and am now living a healthier and happier life. PlanetBox helped me reach this success because the lunch boxes are cute, easy to clean and great for proportions. I am very grateful for the PlanetBox because it helped make a healthier me. ”

“REMINDS me to pack a veggie 

“I got a PlanetBox for my daughter. It’s like a stainless steel bento box and is just an amazing lunchbox in its own right, but what I really like about it in terms of healthy foods is that somehow with those compartments, it REMINDS me to pack a veggie component – like one of those compartments is supposed to be for veggies, so I’d better come up with some veggies! (And then I try to pack something from the farmers’ market. Haven’t mastered creativity there.)“

“Teacher announced that it was the best lunchbox 

“Hello PlanetBox Team! I purchased a planet box for my 3 year old because she just started preschool. After the first day her teacher announced that it was the best lunchbox and asked all about it. I was so proud to be able to say that it came from a local Marin County company. Two weeks in and we are all loving it! We pack most of it at night, and can easily see what is missing and add the last minute additions in the morning. Super easy. We are using the long compartment to hold her spoon and have a perfect amount of space for food for a petite toddler. And, perhaps most importantly, it is easy to clean! I do have one suggestion, though; I wish you sold little ice packs that would fit under the dipper containers to help them stay cold.

“Got to get that 

“Hi! I bought PlanetBoxes from you just before school started, for my boys, ages 11 and 6.  They started at a new school and on day 1, all the kids in their respective classes were ooh-ing and aaah-ing over their PlanetBoxes.  Last week, two teachers from another grade came by my older son’s lunch table to check out his Planet Box, because she’d heard about it.    She was telling the other teacher she’s “got to get that” for her kids.  They asked my son where I bought them. Thanks for bringing my kids instant celebrity at their new school!”

“Your box makes me look good!” 

“I just wanted to send you a quick note letting you know how much we LOVE the Planet Box. A friend turned us onto your company 3 years ago. My son loved it the day he received his box (in 1st grade).  He’s starting 4th grade in a few weeks and his Planet Box is still going strong.  This thing has has been dropped, kicked, thrown, washed a bazillion times in the dishwasher and, most importantly, used every day of the school year. There’s not a spot of rust or wear on the box itself. Even the cover lasted 3 years, despite me throwing it in the washing machine occasionally (air dry). 

Besides liking the box himself my son is happy that his classmates think the Planet Box is cool. What I like the best is how many teachers compliment me on the box and the beautiful lunches I prepare. This is due in large part to the container free packing. The Planet Box begs for a beautiful presentation of foods. We’re healthy eaters but when we first got the box I was surprised at what I was feeding my son for lunch. I didn’t always like what I saw. It forced me to actually look at what I was giving him. Now I know if my son’s lunch is too “brown” then I need to add some vibrant colors, blue berries, red apples, orange carrots, green snap peas. Once my son came home and said that one of the teachers monitoring lunch called the aides over to look at how beautiful my son’s lunch was and how great his lunchbox was. Your box makes me look good…thanks!

For this school year we ordered a new blue cover and sports magnets.  The entire set looks brand new. Everything about the new design is great. The new colors you have are fantastic. My favorites are the outside pockets, especially the water bottle holder which is roomier and has the shaped bottom and the padded handle with the optional long strap – love it. The ice pack holder and utensil straps are a nice touch as well.Without reservation I can say that the PlanetBox has paid for itself. I save on sandwich bags, the cost of washing individual containers and buying new lunchboxes every year. Moreover, the benefits of feeding my son super healthy lunches is priceless. The box is one of those things that are a constant positive. So, thank you for the PlanetBox!

I actually ENJOY putting together the combinations of healthy foods 

“I don’t know exactly how long we’ve been using the PlanetBox kits now (several months at least), but I shudder to recall life before we found your wonderful product. It is not an understatement to say that I HATED packing lunches, and when my husband and I married to form a family with FOUR grade-school kids, it was so daunting I couldn’t cope some days. The PlanetBox kit has been so wonderful for us. Each kid has their colour-coded carry bag, and they fit in backpacks SO WELL! And they’re all the same size to stack in the drawer easily. They also stack in the fridge easily, if we want to pack the lunches the night before. This is especially helpful, because mornings are chaotic enough around here.
And as far as the process of packing the lunch goes, seriously, it’s no joke, I actually ENJOY putting together the combinations of healthy food in the compartments. I’m loving the creativity of solving the space / shape puzzle each time.
On the living-my-values side, this is also a celebration for me because I loathe buying individual-serving anything, and there was something totally unromantic about all of the plastic tupperware containers (and all the wasted space of odd sizes knocking around in the traditional lunch kit bag). We had tried tiffin boxes, but the PlanetBox is THE WAY as far as I am concerned. To wean us off of plastic and throwaway wrappers alone was worth it, but the ease, creativity, and delight of using this segmented tray system are such a blessing.
WE LOVE PLANETBOX!!!!!!!!! It cost a small fortune to import the four kits to Canada, but sometimes it’s worth it, and this is one of those times. Best of everything to you. Bless you for having the wherewithal to dream up, manufacture and market this product.”

I know he won’t be wasting his time opening baggies 

“We received our new PlanetBox a couple of days ago. My boys are thrilled! They both couldn’t wait to use their box. In fact, we’ve used them at home everyday for lunch. Thank you for helping make lunch time an adventure instead of a struggle.
My younger son is entering first grade this year. I was very concerned about lunch time and the array of lunches that might come home untouched. The 40-minute combined lunch recess doesn’t afford young ones the liberty to get settled and eat at a slower pace. My older son came home cranky and famished daily from first grade. He sacrificed eating so he could have a chance to play with a ball before they were all taken at recess. Booo! School administrators don’t seem to get it. Our kids need to have recess before lunch so there is no rush to be first outside. Anyhow, I’m running off topic. I am no longer as concerned about my younger son eating his lunch. I know he won’t be wasting his time opening baggies, containers or raising his hand for help from one of 3 lunch supervisors. So, thank you!
Also, I had to pass along a little praise. When my husband saw the Planetbox he said, “That’s cool, where did you get it?” Well, he never thinks anything I get is cool. We also brought the boxes to our sons’ county swim meet this last weekend where 2 moms and 1 dad asked where we got them. It’s the dad that surprised me. He saw my son eating and said, “Wow, is that a lunch box? Where did you find something like that?” I expect comments like that from moms, but not dads. Pretty impressive.
I think you’ve got a great product and hope demand can drive the production cost down a little as it seems to turn some people off.
Thanks again! Good luck on your future sales.