Is PlanetBox for Me?


Q: I want to eat healthier, more well-balanced meals. Can a PlanetBox help me eat healthier?

A: PlanetBox is the smart lunchbox that guides you in packing a well-balanced meal quickly and easily. Let your PlanetBox serve as a guide for packing a healthy lunch. Did you forget to include some veggies? The empty compartment will remind you.

Q: I hate fussing with individual plastic bags and containers! Can PlanetBox help me stop using them for lunch?

A: By replacing wasteful, single-use plastic and paper containers, you will save money over the lifetime of the product. Also, your PlanetBox allows you to buy food in bulk, which is cheaper and less wasteful than single use containers. For example, a 1 oz prepackaged bag of cheesy crackers costs 87 cents, but 1 oz of those exact same crackers taken from a 12 oz box costs 43 cents – half as much!

Q: I’m all about saving money! Even though PlanetBox might cost more up front, will it save me money in the long term?

A: Those who bring the PlanetBox to work or school as opposed to eating out or buying school lunches will see quicker returns on their investment. Americans spend about 40% of their food allowance on eating out. Reducing these costs will help put some change back in your pocket very quickly!

Q: With my kids, I just need a lunchbox that will last! How durable is PlanetBox?

A: Most of us are used to the low cost of buying things made out of plastic and designed to be used and thrown away fairly quickly. Our product is different. We use a high quality, expensive material, and our products are intricately engineered to function well over time.Our stainless lunchboxes are warrantied for 5 years, and our soft goods for 1 year. 

Q: I want to spice up my lunches and add some variety. Does PlanetBox provide any lunch ideas?

A: We recently launched Plan-It-Box, our meal planner to help our users plan their lunches and get new ideas from the PlanetBox community!

Q: I eat out more often that I’d like.  Can PlanetBox encourage me to pack my lunch more often?

A: PlanetBox makes packing lunch easy, and encourages you to pack lunch! But don’t take it from us, here’s what one PlanetBox customer said:

I just wanted to let you know that after buying your Rover complete and now using it to pack lunches for the past 2 weeks, it is soooo awesome!! I seriously didn't think I could have such love for an inanimate object, but it's actually joyful to pack. And I was dreading having to pack lunches everyday, but it's kind of fun now!”  -Dabney

Q: I’m concerned about overeating at lunch. How does PlanetBox help with portion control?

PlanetBox’s compartments were designed to hold sensible portions, that are in line with the USDA’s My Plate guidelines.

Q: I'm concerned about the environment.  Can packing a PlanetBox lunch help to reduce the amount of trash generated in my lunches?

Using a reusable PlanetBox means creating a lot less trash – which goes a long way towards helping protect the planet for future generations.