About Us

Our Story: Launching Lunch!

We know how packing lunch day in and out can become a dreaded chore. So a few years back we set out to create an innovative solution for making lunch packing actually enjoyable – for our kids and for ourselves.

We craved something that was all in one, but had separate compartments to keep foods neat and fresh. It needed to be easy to open and close, especially for little fingers. We wanted it to be durable enough to last for years to come, but flexible enough to stay fresh and current. And last but not least, it had to be easy to clean – making it dishwasher safe was a must. Meet PlanetBox – where packing lunch doesn’t need to be rocket science!

We made PlanetBox out of non-toxic materials because we wanted a truly safe choice for our family and yours. Stainless steel works for foods – it’s safe, non-toxic, non-leaching, recyclable, and doesn’t pick up yucky food odors or stains like plastic does. And using a reusable lunchbox means creating a lot less trash – which lets us sleep easier knowing we are doing our part to help the planet for future generations.

A funny thing happens when you design a good lunchbox – it actually does some of the thinking for you and helps you create better, healthier lunches! Let your PlanetBox serve as a guide for packing a healthy lunch. Did you forget to include some veggies? The empty compartment will remind you. Concerned about overeating at lunch? Rest assured that won’t happen because PlanetBox’s compartments were designed to hold sensible portions.  And now your morning routine just got a little easier – who doesn’t need that!? 

About the Founders:

Caroline and Robert Miros are parents who combined their unique talents to create PlanetBox. Robert is an engineer who has designed consumer and medical products for the past 15 years. Caroline has worked extensively on children’s health education and environmental programs. They both share a passion for promoting the health of our children and our planet. And they both pack their fair share of lunches! They live in Northern California with their two daughters/product testers.


PlanetBox is a product of 3rd Stone Design (www.3rdstonedesign.com), a product development firm specializing in consumer and medical products and devices that promote the health of people and the planet. Located in San Rafael, CA, we are a small but vibrant office full of people who work hard, are passionate about our mission, and enjoy a good cup of coffee. If you are interested in working with us, please send us an email to info@planetbox.com.  Local applicants only please – sorry, telecommuting is not an option.