On Creating Balance & Healthy Habits

On Creating Balance & Healthy Habits

This sentiment from @trackingisthenewblack is so inspiring:


"To set a healthy example for my kids...

that has always been one of my driving reasons WHY I want to live an active life at a healthy weight.

through this journey, my boys have grown with me and watched me make different choices. And honestly it’s been a natural progression of “Why can’t we have donuts this morning? I want McDonald’s”

- to -

“Mom, can you help me put the granola on my yogurt? How long do I cook my egg? Do I cut the apple in slices or cubes?”

They do still ask for McDonald’s and donuts, but now they don’t expect it and know that we only have it on occasion // #balance #norestrictions

My youngest (6th grader) packed his own lunch, here’s a photo of what he chose. The only things I helped with::: cutting the cucumbers, and showing him how to roll the cream cheese inside the ham. For snack he had an apple, and a granola bar. All his own ideas 💛 // #proudmama #lifestylechanges

We ordered the lunchbox from PlanetBox :: yes it’s expensive, but I looked at it as an investment because my boys are hard on their lunch boxes (throwing them around at recess, into lockers, etc...) and these have lasted 2 years with no breaks"