Rover -

All Organic!

"Finally got my PlanetBox lunch box y'all and I'm already obsessed with it like nooooo other! Such a convenient gadget to carry your nutritious meal around and don't over-step with the amounts! I just had to fill it for a good Saturday brunch with all of my latest obsessions that I have been discovering since I moved to New York, such clean and good foods that make you feel better and healthier!"

Kind words from @thewhiteplatee on Instagram!

+ Organic flax seed chia blend with almond breeze unsweetend almondmilk coconut blend topped with berries, seeds and yogurt coated dried blueberris (ummm, YUM?)
+ Omlette rolls with spinach and turkey ham
+ Cottage cheese and celery sticks
+ Vanilla espresso almond butter
+ Unsalted roasted almonds, brazilian nuts,, cinnamon honey roasted coconut chips and some kale chips!