New updates to the Plan-It-Box Meal Planner!

New updates to the Plan-It-Box Meal Planner!

For those new to the Meal Planner, you’ll find creative ideas to help you create well-balanced and fun PlanetBox meals. It’s also a wonderful tool to teach kids about how to build a healthy meal. PlanetBox Meal Planner allows you to:

Plan-It: Choose pictures of tasty foods for each compartment, creating a beautiful picture of your lunch. Plan-It will create a customized shopping list based on your creation!

Share-It: Share pictures of your lunch creations with other PlanetBox Planners and get inspired by our fantastic PlanetBox community. 

We’ve added some new features based on your excellent feedback to make it even better:

  1. You can now design meals for your Shuttle PlanetBox.
  2. Share the lunches you design in Plan-It on your Facebook page, showing your friends your delicious creations.
  3. Don’t see a picture of the food you want?  With our easy “Write In” feature, you can add text to describe foods you want to pack.
  4. Looking for meal inspirations?  Use the new “Search by Tag” function in Share-It.  You’ll find popular search terms, such as for specific diets (ex. Vegetarian, Paleo, Gluten-Free, etc.).
  5. When you upload your own picture to Share-It, you can preview your post and include a link (such as to your blog, Facebook page, etc.) in your description.

To start designing and creating your own PlanetBox lunches and enjoy these new features, go to http://www.planetbox.com/pages/meals or click on Meals on our homepage, Planetbox.com.

We hope you enjoy the updated Meal Planner!  We have many more updates and improvements planned as well, so stay tuned for more features to come.

The PlanetBox Team