Hello Tuesday

"Hello Tuesday!
Even though I despise hearing that alarm at 6am, I love being back to a routine. Which includes staying up late every night to make everyone lunches. I have fun figuring out what to make no matter how late it is.
I have issues..... ? -Blackberries & Blueberries
-Tomatoes & snap peas
-Roasted pistachios
-Pb & J bites
-Overnight refrigerator yogurt oatmeal with chia & raspberries. (Plain yogurt, tsp of chia, tsp of quick cooking oats, mashed raspberries and honey, dash of unsweetened vanilla coconut or almond milk- set over night in fridge)." Thank you to Moksha @the_hippie_city_chick on Instagram for sharing this with us! #PlanetBox #schoollunch #healthyeating #delicious