Simple School Lunch

"Eliana's simple school lunch today (made in 5 min): carrots, cucumbers, sandwich, plums and raspberries in her @planetbox. >> So not every lunch I make for Eliana is cute or creative. Sometimes I take extra time and make her a fun lunch, sometimes I don't. I don't always take the time to photograph and share if they aren't cute but I think it's important to share and be real -- especially on social media, where we are bombarded by picture perfect scenarios, whether it be styled food, homes, trips, outfits, arts and crafts, every day. The important part to me is providing her with healthy lunches every day. Making them cute is just for fun and is a creative outlet, for me and her! And if making fun lunches will help her get excited about eating fresh and healthy food, then I'm game! ???" Thank you to Michelle (@creativefunfood on Instagram) for sharing this with us! #PlanetBox #lunchbox #schoollunch #funlunch