Sushi Work Lunch

"Seriously, how good does this look - even after sitting all night in the fridge then all day at my desk?? And I love that the treat portion of the box perfectly holds my soy sauce for my sushi.  Veggie and shrimp sushi, blueberries, broccoli Have I mentioned lately how much I love my @PlanetBox?!?? This thing is the BEST. (I packed breakfast of two hard boiled eggs and cherries in the extra round container, and threw it in the drink holder portion of the carrying case.) Absolutely brilliant. Kicking myself for not getting one of these sooner! At the end of the day, my lazy self just gives it a quick rinse, then I fill it back up for the next day." Thank you to Sarah (@sarahellsworth on Instagram) for sharing this with us! #PlanetBox #lunchbox #yummy #packyourlunch #instagood