It's Me, Charlotte

"Today's lunch!! Spaghetti squash with roasted chicken, garlic and EVOO + parsley // fermented radishes + pickles, blueberries and re-intro-ed sprouted walnuts!!! So summery and perfect. My appetite is changing so much with the seasons and I am loving eating fresh, cooling foods aka all the veggies per usual but less roasting. Also freaking obsessed with my @PlanetBox - because I am running around all day from appointments to meetings to shoots, I love that this lunch box is uber thin and I can slip it right into my laptop bag. I love my other three tier tin but it is super bulky. Loving the happiness and flowing energy that happens during the warmer months :)) xoxo" Thank you to Charlotte (@aipxwhole30 on Instagram) for sharing this with us! #PlanetBox #lunchbox #food #yummy #instagood