Snack time!

"No #healthyschoollunch to pack for day 151/196 because it is pizza lunch at #school but my girls still need some #healthy #snacks to help fuel them through the day. Someone remarked to me that I seem like someone who would make her own crackers and truth be told I don't really like crackers and haven't ever made them. Until today (and they are pretty tasty!). Made a batch of #wholewheat and #honey crackers (used the @weelicious recipe and swapped out the butter to keep them #dairyfree) and the kids loved them. They had them w peanut butter and berries after school for a snack. What remains of the half batch I made is packed into their little @planetbox boxes. One kid has some chèvre noir and the other has edamame for a bit of #protein They both have a #rainbow of fruit to nibble on and hopefully this will keep them energized all day long!!" Thank you to Aviva (@avivawittenberg on Instagram) for sharing this with us!
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