Easy Lunches

“So I'm definitely not as creative as some of the other PlanetBox parents out there, but I continue to be in love with how easy it is to pack a colorful and nutritious lunch my kids gobble up...thank you so much for creating such an amazing product! So often people want to complain about products. I want you to know how yours has changed my life for the better! Being able to see all their food has helped both kids but especially my pickier, slower eater eat her whole lunch almost every day. When I was doing little separate containers and reusable bags, while environmentally friendly, it wasn't as appetizing and took longer for her, so she would come home with a lot of uneaten food. I'm not really packing lunches that are that different, but the presentation has made a huge difference. And as a busy mom, I love not having to worry about finding the right container or lid or worrying about if they are in the dishwasher. One thing to clean every day that I can throw in my dishwasher. Really, a total win-win. My husband thought I was crazy for spending so much on lunch boxes, but they have been worth every single penny...I'm thinking of getting one for his lunch too. Thank you, PlanetBox!” A huge thank you to Kris Garfinkle Huey for sharing your beautiful lunch and very kind words with us! #PlanetBox #lunchbox #food #yummy #instagood