Rover Love

"I am amazed by this lunchbox and the thought process that has gone into creating it. It really is a masterpiece that will last us years to come...As a mum I have found the lunchbox easy to clean, and very easy to pack. Fruit and vegetables look far more appealing when placed in the stainless steel lunchbox. The lunchbox is slender so it does not take up as much room in the school bag as previous lunchboxes...Feedback received from the teacher was that it was 'one very cool lunchbox' and that (my son) required no assistance to open or use the lunchbox ‪#‎lunchboxrevolution‬ ‪#‎autism‬ ‪#‎ASD‬ ‪#‎autismfriendlylunch‬" Thank you so much @soon2b_mrs_tippett for sharing this with us on Instagram. Your words meant a great deal to us! ‪#‎PlanetBox‬ ‪#‎Rover‬ planetbox.com