Is PlanetBox worth the cost?

Is PlanetBox Worth the Cost?  Here's some thoughts from a few awesome PlanetBox users  who shared these kind words with us on FB just a few days ago...
"I've been using our Planetboxes for almost 4 years now. I'm pretty sure I would have bought 3-4 cheaper lunch boxes for each of my kids over that time period, never mind the savings on containers/plastic bags." Julie G.L.
"I purchased one for my son a year ago and I LOVE IT!  Healthy, easy and much less expensive than pre-packaged foods. Worth every penny for morning sanity and feeling good about what's he's eating.
" Kimberly H.C.
"I have never had a bit of buyers remorse with them and wish I had bought them a year before when I first heard about them." Walking Softly Upon the Earth
"I was purchasing new Tupperware and pails on a yearly basis anyway and my kids never took the time to open the individual tupperware so I ended up throwing out food regularly. It is definitely worth the investment " Pamela C.