• The PlanetBox Rover is designed for those who prefer to sample a wide variety of foods with smaller serving sizes. The Rover holds nearly 4.5 cups of food, which happily satisfies many customers, including both adults and children. The Rover Complete Kit includes a Rover lunchbox, the Big and Little Dipper for wet messy foods, your choice of super fun magnets designs, as well as a Rover Carry Bag for easy transport available in a variety of vibrant colors. New for April! We've partnered with multi-platinum musician Jack Johnson to create limited edition “Aloha” magnets designed by Hawaii-based artist, Heather Brown, for our Rover lunchbox.  100% of the proceeds from the sale of these magnets will go to the Kōkua Hawaiʻi Foundation that supports environmental education in schools.  Read more

  • Weight 1.25 lbs for a Basic, 1.6 lbs for a Plus, 2.5 lbs for a Complete
    Dimensions 10 × 7.5 × 1.5 in for Basic or Plus, 12 × 9 × 2.5 in for a Complete

    Stainless steel, synthetic rubber, Recycled Polyester for carry bag.  Aqua, Red and Purple bag fabric has embossed "water-mark" of PlanetBox design, similar to the fabric used on Sleeve. 


    Stainless products dishwasher safe, wipe clean magnets, hand wash carry bag

  • "We have been using the Planet Box Rover now for about a month and my kids love picking out what goes in their lunch! They eat almost everything which they never did before. I do have to say that the portions are perfect and SUPER easy to clean the carrying case" –Sarah

    "This product helped me lose 30 pounds and get healthy. This is one of many fantastic lunches that my wife prepares for me every day. Love the PlanetBox!" –Jeff

    "I just wanted to let you know that after buying your Rover complete and now using it to pack lunches for the past 2 weeks, it is soooo awesome!! I seriously didn't think I could have such love for an inanimate object, but it's actually joyful to pack. And I was dreading having to pack lunches every day, but it's kind of fun now...” –Dabney

    "I have to tell u how much I am enjoying my PlanetBox Rover! I don't get a lunch break (school nurse!) so I eat at my desk. It is so easy to close the lid & set to the side when kids come in. Then I can open & graze again! Trying to watch my weight - and you are making it so easy to control portions!” -Rhonda                                             "Our 3 boys (elementary-high school) have been using their PlanetBoxes for 2 years now without losing a single piece! Furthermore, I am impressed with how well the carry case has held up as we are not gentile people; there is only minor wear at the corners with daily use through the school year. My ice packs are still even in tact. No more frustration about running out of baggies or tossed plastic lids. The hinged design and nesting containers means that there is no unloading and leaving anything behind (and I have one forgetful boy). There is enough room to keep even a high school boy well fed. And all I have to do is throw into the dishwasher. It's a rare mother who says she enjoys packing 3 lunches every morning!"  Carolyn E.

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