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Shuttle is perfect for packing small meals and snacks on the go. Whether you’re in the car, on the soccer field, or at work, the Shuttle is designed for packing healthy foods wherever life takes you. The Shuttle also works great at school – for both younger kids with shorter school days, or as a separate snack packed in addition to a Rover or Launch lunch. Measures 7.75 x 5.2 x 2.0 inches.

Each Shuttle lunchbox includes 1 Tall Dipper.

Customer Reviews

"I can't believe I can fit so much food in the little Shuttle - really, you can pack a lot in there - almost enough for a full meal"
-Alexia B, Boston NY

"My teenage daughter takes it and eats standing in the hallways during her lunch and breaks - its compact, discreet, and easy to hold, which is great for her"
-Elizabeth M, Woodstock NY

“I love this size for winter, when I pack part of the meal in a thermos, but have the sides to pack along with it. Thank you!”
–Laura A, Chicago IL

“As soon as my preschooler Birdie saw the new mini PlanetBox, she exclaimed "Is that a PlanetBox for ME?!" The size of the PlanetBox Shuttle is perfect for a smaller appetite. Its 3 cup capacity is divided into 2 compartments. The larger side has just the right dimensions for a full size sandwich, something many of our smaller containers can't accommodate. The PlanetBox Shuttle is also a great size for portion-control, snacks ...or breakfast!”

“Shuttle holds a perfect amount of food for (my young daughter's) little appetite. I am also very comfortable packing a breakfast or light lunch in the PlanetBox Shuttle for myself as its smaller size really helps encourage portion control.”

“The Shuttle is light and (my daughter) said, 'It’s small and easy to carry…and, I just like the design' The Shuttle is a great size for little laps. In fact, that was one of (my daughter’s) favorite features of this model. 'It’s easier to keep it on my lap,' she said, 'the Shuttle doesn’t want to slide off, at all!' The one piece design made it a hassle-free experience."

Product Specs

Weight: 13 ozs

Dimensions: 7.75 x 5.2 x 2.0 inches

Volume: 2 cups main compartment, 1 cup side compartment

Materials: Stainless steel, silicone rubber

Care: Stainless products dishwasher safe or hand wash

Includes: 1 Shuttle Lunchbox and 1 Tall Dipper