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Select a Design
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Rockets - Solo
Retro Kitty - Solo
Green Globe - Solo
Sports Balls - Solo
Under the Sea - Solo
Rainbow - Solo
Modern Art - Solo
Groovy - Solo
Wheelies - Solo
Paisley & Plaid - Solo
Rainforest - Solo
Fairies - Solo
Trains - Solo
Rockstar - Solo
Winter Wonderland - Solo
Dinosaurs - Solo
Beach - Solo
Travel - Solo
Draw It Yourself - Solo
Horses - Solo
Doggies - Solo
Robots - Solo
Koi Pond - Solo
Bon Appetit - Solo
Bicycles - Solo
Dino Camo - Solo
Nebula - Solo
Botanical - Solo
Rockets- Kit
Groovy - Kit
Retro Kitty - Kit
Green Globe - Kit
Sports Balls - Kit
Under the Sea - Kit
Rainbow - Kit
Modern Art - Kit
Wheelies - Kit
Paisley & Plaid - Kit
Rainforest - Kit
Fairies - Kit
Trains - Kit
Rockstar - Kit
Winter Wonderland - Kit
Dinosaurs - Kit
Beach - Kit
Travel - Kit
Draw It Yourself - Kit
Horses - Kit
Doggies - Kit
Robots - Kit
Koi Pond - Kit
Bon Appetit - Kit
Bicycles - Kit
Dino Camo - Kit
Nebula - Kit
Botanical - Kit
Gingerbread - Solo
Gingerbread - Kit
Gifts Galore - Solo
Gifts Galore - Kit
When we started our company, we wanted our products to be durable enough to last for years to come, but flexible enough to stay fresh and grow with changing interests. We found the right solution with our super fun magnet themes. Choose the style you like best. Can’t decide on just one? Purchase a bunch and mix and match depending on your mood.
  • Thin flexible magnets in 29 designs
  • Made out of synthetic rubber certified free of toxins (unlike PVC magnets)
  • Designated place to write owner's name


“PlanetBox offers fun magnets so that kids can customize their boxes. The magnets stay on well and go thru the dishwasher adhered to the boxes just fine. The plus side of magnets is that if you have multiple kids with varying diets, you can tell at glance which kids' lunch is which.”  – Lexie's Kitchen and Living

Product Specs

Weight: 0.0625 lbs

Dimensions: 6 x 4 x 0.1 inches

Includes: 1 Rover Magnet set

Materials: Synthetic rubber

Care: Wipe clean