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Will food packed inside the PlanetBox spill or drip into another compartment or out the sides when it is carried and stored on its side? What about packing fruits that might release some juice?

PlanetBox is designed to keep foods from “touching each other.” When you close your PlanetBox the top and the bottom meet so that foods will not co-mingle, even when carried and stored on its side. The seal on the PlanetBox itself is not designed to hold wet, messy foods like yogurt, dips, and applesauce. We created the Big, Little, and Tall Dippers as an additional option to use for foods such as these. They have a silicone rubber seal that engages when placed inside the PlanetBox to create a tight seal.

When packing fruits, the majority work just fine packed directly in your PlanetBox. In our months of testing we have found that most cut up fruits will not create enough juice for there to be any spilling. However, some fruits can be rather juicy – especially melons and citrus. We have found that if you cut and pack these fruits the night before, they can create a lot of juice that can leak if put directly in the PlanetBox. Therefore, we recommend cutting and packing these fruits in the morning (they make a lot less juice that way). OR you can blot the fruit in the morning with a towel to absorb the extra juice. You can also pack them in the Big or Little Dipper (the Rover only), Tall Dipper (Launch or Shuttle only) or the Satellite Dish (the Launch only).