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What are the differences between the Rover, Launch and Shuttle Carry Bags?

The Rover Carry Bag is designed to be used with the Rover Lunchbox. It zips all the way open, and you can leave your Rover Lunchbox nestled inside the Carry Bag while you eat your lunch. There are separate pockets for a snack and a water bottle with a 3 inch or less diameter.

The Launch Carry Bag is designed to be used with the Launch Lunchbox. It will store the Launch Lunchbox inside the bag, and has 4 pockets for storing small items, such as utensils and snacks.

The Launch Lunchbox is not designed to fit inside the Rover Carry Bag. Technically, you can squeeze and shove it inside the Rover Carry Bag, but it will put undue stress on the corners of the Rover Carry Bag and may cause unwanted wear and tear on the inside lining – therefore, we do not recommend it and it will void your warranty.  The Rover Lunchbox can fit inside the Launch Carry Bag, but the Launch Carry Bag was not specifically designed to hold the Rover lunchbox.

The Shuttle Carry Bag is the smallest Carry Bag, and is designed to carry only the Shuttle lunchbox. It will not fit either the Launch or Rover PlanetBoxes.