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Will the Rover hold enough food for me or my child?

The PlanetBox Rover will accommodate a wide assortment of foods that make a very healthy lunch for most kids and some adults. Many people find that they can pack more food than they originally thought. This is because the top of the PlanetBox lunchbox is raised, so you can pack the bottom compartment high with food. The PlanetBox Rover fits nearly 4 ½ cups of food when fully packed! Many parents also find that using a PlanetBox helps them not pack too much food for their kids – so no food gets wasted, and kids aren’t being served more than they need. Here’s a quote from one woman who wrote recently on our Facebook Page: “My nine year old is a BIG kid and a BIG eater… his PlanetBox Rover holds plenty for him for a school lunch.. and the Big Dipper is used for his afternoon snack.” Many adults find that using a PlanetBox Rover helps them control their portion sizes while still packing a healthy, filling lunch. That being said, every person has their own unique preferences and needs.